SANDF 2022 Bursary & Requirements

South African National Defence Force Bursary in South Africa (SANDF) and Requirements 2022



You want to further your studies but lack the fund to continue? then SANDF Bursary would be a perfect way to pay for your studies Whether you’re in your last year of school and thinking about joining University or College next year, if you have a good academic record then you’re qualified to apply for a bursary or scholarship award.


We pleased to keep you inform about 2022 South African National Defence Force Bursary in South Africa Bursary. Before applying for SANDF Bursary check whether you suit the instructions and meet the requirements as instructed, South African National Defence Force Bursary is offered by institutions and companies to make it affordable for people to study who would otherwise not be able to do so



About the SAND Bursary

SANDF  stands for the South African National Defence Force and consists of the SA army, SA Navy, SA Air Force and the SAMHS. Each year they have an Education Trust bursary for students who are eligible to apply for this bursary. You are eligible to apply for the SANDF bursary if you are/were dependent on a former SANDF member who died or has become severely injured. This bursary is on a year to year basis and each year you have to apply again also if you already had this bursary the former year.



The SANDF Bursary 2022

This is a year to year bursary, This Bursary is intended for Primary and Secondary school learners and Tertiary learners. This Bursary is not intended for pre-school attendance, they have a separate fund for that which you can check out. The board of the Education trust will decide what the minimum and maximum amounts are for the Bursary each year. This amount may also vary each year.



Requirements for the SANDF Bursary

This Bursary is not meant for everyone. You can only apply if you fulfil the following requirements:

  • You have to be a Dependent on an SANDF veteran who got severely injured or got killed on duty with an active duty after 1994 27 April.
  • You have to be dependent on a Civilian member of the department of defence whilst they were serving during an SANDF operation, who got severely injured or killed on duty after 1994-27 April
  • The same accounts if you are a dependent of a Civilian of the Republic of South Africa who got severely injured or killed during an operation of SANDF taking into account that they were not fighting SANDF. (also after 27 April 1994)
  • The education trust will take your income into account if you really need this bursary
  • You will need a good academic record to prove you are dedicated to studying.
  • A minimum score of 22 on your APS for tertiary first-year students
  • Senior students (second year and on) need to have passed 60% of the modules they were enrolled in.


How to Apply For SANDF Bursaries?

You can download the SANDf bursary forms from the SANDF website. You have to file all the questions they ask and send the required documents with your application.

Things to send with the application:

  • A Certified copy of your ID or Birth certificate. If your ID is not available you can send your birth certificate but you don’t need to send both.
  • Certified copies of the ID’s or Birth certificates of your other household members
  • Matric certificate if you are a first-year student
  • Matric certificate accompanied with your Academic grades (tertiary students)
  • You will need proof of registration of the tertiary institution where you are listed to study.
  • You will need a quote from this institution with all the academic fees of this institution.
  • Proof of income from your household. Proof of all types of income needs to be sent with the application of all household members. If they are unemployed or pensioned you also need to send proof of that.
  • If one of the household members is receiving a Government Pension/Child grant, you will need to send bank statement copies of the last 3 months




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