It’s Complicated Teasers – May 2021

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It’s Complicated Teasers – May 2021


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Saturday 1 May 2021
Episode 7

Verandin could be coming back to his family.

Sunday 2 May 2021
Episode 8

Jesse is heartbroken that her husband has to go back to work.

Saturday 8 May 2021
Episode 9

Nerandin seems to be happy and can’t take his hands off his wife.

Sunday 9 May 2021
Episode 10

The henna ceremony has the whole family coming together.

Saturday 15 May 2021
Episode 11

Jesse doesn’t realize that the girl from the abortion center is her. This whole time she believes Verandin was busy with someone else.

Sunday 16 May 2021
Episode 12

Jesse shows and proves that she loves Verandin.

Saturday 22 May 2021
Episode 13

This is Chani and Verandin’s special day, however…

Sunday 23 May 2021
Episode 14

Chani has moved into her laws’ house and things seem to be going great.

Saturday 29 May 2021
Episode 15

Verandin is away on honeymoon, while Jesse is home losing her temper with everyone.

Sunday 30 May 2021
Episode 16

Jesse is excited that Verandin is coming back.


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