Apply for Data Capturer Recruitment

Data Capturer Application, Requirements and Dates. See Full Details below

Apply for Data Capturer Recruitment

We are pleased to keep you updated about Data Capturer Recruitment , Requirements, Dates Eligibility and Alot more on this Educative Page.

Responsibilities of this Post:
Follow the capturing procedure.
Check and validate application forms for quality control.
Process application form on system.
Second validation of Declaration of Health, pay-slips and relevant medical documents must be forwarded to Underwriting department timeously.
Send incomplete applications back to Office Managers.
Email scanned successful application forms to New business department.
Follow up on outstanding documentation with Office Manager.
Liaise with New Business department on outstanding and provide feedback to Office Managers.
Register successful applications.
Send captured application forms to Head Office for archiving.
Follow up on all outstanding requirements from tick off.
Documentation and Filing Procedures.

Requirements Data Capturer :
One year of prior data entry experience is preferred
Formal computer training an advantage.
Accurate keyboard skills and proven ability to enter data at the required speed.
Proficient in relevant computer applications such as MS Office.
Knowledge of correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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